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Executive and Technical

Training Programs


MURGAS LLC offer Executive level retreats at relaxing locations so that you can stay abreast of technology trends while networking with peers throughout industries in your region.

We also specialize in team building retreats that identify and strengthen your Technology support staff so that you can maximize your human capital investments.

Executive Training


MURGAS LLC conducts executive training to ease the burden on trying to keep up with today's emerging and disruptive technologies. Our programs are designed to address how to:

  • Lead with technology and innovation

  • how to transform your culture to support change

  • forecasting technological needs for your company's future

  • how to properly align your technology and business strategies

Sustainable Teambuilding

A technical team is only as good as its existing experiences.  We have developed a series of onsite or offsite engagements which will enhance your support staff in customer service excellence, project planning and prioritization, along with providing them the understanding and toolsets for effective business communication and alignment. Contact us today to find out more about our technical excellence roadmap training series.

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