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Executive Retreat/ Leading for Technology Excellence
Key West
Achieving Technology Excellence
Seven Springs Mountain Resort
Achieving Technology Excellence
Hershey, PA, USA

STRIVING FOR TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENCE is a three day professional development retreat designed for I.T. staff of all disciplines within technology fields. Whether a junior or senior level staff member, this program is designed to build a sustainable development foundation for the employees in IT careers.

On day one, this program begins with exploring the individual's behavior profile and how they respond in work related situations. We build on that by developing an understanding of customer expectations and behavior analysis. Through style flexing and effective communication techniques, we provide the tools for developing one's self, interacting with team members, and dealing with customers/stakeholders.

Day two explores methodologies, challenges, and effective project management techniques. This interactive program allows the attendees to network and engage each other, while learning techniques to ensure their job related success.

Day three begins with diving into the business side of a technology field. With a focus of quantification, we pursue areas of making the intangible side of IT a tangible metric. Areas of cost vs. value, quantify and forecasting spending, and communicating with a goal are covered in day three.

Tuition covers registration, course materials, breakfast, and lunch. Hotel options, directions, and specific agendas will be provided via email after registration is completed.

LEADING FOR TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENCE is designed for CxO's, business leaders, and management staff through all disciplines within business. With billions of dollars wasted every year from failing technology investments, this retreat will focus on the leader's role in ensuring the success of your endeavors. We will cover how to prepare you for:

  • Emerging/Disruptive technologies

  • How culture impacts success

  • accountability of your technology staff

  • methodologies for managing technology in business

Though technology is the topic for discussion, this course is designed for non-technical business leaders who want to implement and create strategies in planning for success.

Tuition covers Hotel, registration, course materials, breakfast, and lunch. Directions, and specific agendas will be provided via email after registration is completed.

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