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Assessments and analysis

MURGAS LLC is a total IT assessment resource. Audits allow you to ensure that your investments align with your business needs, mitigate risk, and prepare you for future threats and opportunities for improvements. Contact us today to find out how we can engage your company or firm.

Rules of engagement:

An audit doesn't have to be an intimidating process. An internal audit should be the "checks and balances" that provide you with insight on how to grow, prioritize, or take advantage of opportunities not yet realized within your infrastructure and support teams. MURGAS LLC offers assessments to accommodate your specific needs and tailors all audits to benefit your organization and existing staff. We understand that internal assessments are learning opportunities and engage your company and staff accordingly. We take a team approach to your assessment so that we can maximize the effectiveness of the engagement.

Internal assessments are typically the starting point for staff development, business planning, and budget prioritization. Let those who understand technology and infrastructure assist you in guiding your support teams to maximize their contribution to the organization.

Types of audits:

Though any audit can be tailored to accommodate your business needs, there are generally three types of technology audits:

Internal assessment:

With an internal assessment audit, you will be presented with the current state of your organization as it pertains to technology and the support of that infrastructure. You will be provided with a list of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities so that you can prioritize your budgeting and resource investments from this engagement. Typically, a company should receive an internal audit, at least, every five years to ensure proper growth and consistent improvements within the organization are being obtained.

Penetration testing/ Threat analysis:

Most companies who offer Pen testing or threat analysis only do it from a hacking perspective.  At MURGAS LLC, we will conduct our audit from a Risk assessment standpoint so that you have the big picture on all of your risks. We will include a profile of your support staff, access control, external exposures, and probability analysis to aid you in preparation of your incident response planning and business continuity.

Human Resource/employee investigations:

MURGAS LLC offers a discreet service to address improprieties within your organization. This can address disgruntled employees, corporate espionage, or investigating employee issues from a technology standpoint.  We have also partnered with companies to aid in their litigation holds and preparation for a discovery process in accordance with the rules for Civil Procedures. Contact us to discuss how we can eliminate potentially large threats to your organization.


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