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Consulting Services

I.T. mentoring


If your I.T. staff have great potential but need some guidance, we can help. MURGAS LLC has developed innovative programs to establish structure and a growth trajectory for your support staff. We will tailor the program to meet your needs to include establishing goals, long term planning, along with teamwork and customer service excellence.  We don't just advise but will also immerse your staff in a development program that aligns them to your business needs.

CIO for Hire
Whether undertaking a leadership transition or looking to tap into enterprise experiences that can excel your organization, MURGAS LLC can provide you contracted leadership services that will empower you to surpass your technological goals. We offer short and long term leadership opportunities to accommodate your needs. We can provide you resources that are unobtainable with traditional hiring.

Leadership coaching


C level coaching will prepare your leaders with the technological knowledge in dealing with infrastructure, culture, and how to leverage technology in assuring the success of your business endeavors.  Coaching is used to develop leaders or to keep seasoned leaders abreast of emerging and disruptive technologies in your vertical.  A coaching relationship allows you to focus on your business priorities, while quickly obtaining insight that will provide you that competitive edge.  Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.

Project leadership


Don't let that next ERP or systems roll out consume a valuable resource from your executive bench.  We are experts on roll out strategies involving complex technology implementations. We understand that communication and culture must be managed properly to ensure a successful implementation. MURGAS LLC can be engaged for short or long term enterprise project management where we'll work along side your company with a guarantee for success!

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